TWINS: LOVE squared – Play to be only child

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Hey, you look like me! -Pues, te pareces a mí!

I started last week with this regular post: Friday is Twins-day sharing photos of our twins Maya and Zoe. Our girls were around three months at the time the picture was taken. They were quite conscious of their twin sister, their “shadow” and their favorite game of both of them was to “play to be only child”. This is what we called it, when both of us were together with one baby, because the other one slept, for example. Normally one of us us took care of one baby while the other took care of the other baby. In the few occasions when she had full attention of mom and dad and not only of one of them, she  looked at us both in disbelief. Both babies reacted in the same way. She looked at us delighted, first at one, then at the other, again and again and did not believe her eyes, squeaking of joy. “Both are together with ME only, lucky one!”

I also would like to show a video to you, which you might know as it was shared a lot in social media, first the version of the only child. I put the only child video as surprise in my virtual advent calender. It is the video of a wonderful thermal bath of newborn twins by Sonia Rochel. She is a newborn baby nurse in a clinic in Paris and developed the thalasso bath for newborn babies. So delightful and marvelous! Enjoy!

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