Clouds LOVE – beautiful T-Shirt made with easy ERASER STAMPING and other stamping ideas


Summer is back again here, it seems, but the rain will come, for sure. As I told you before I love clouds: see my post of the fluffy cloud-shaped rugs for Stella´s nursery  I made with a sheep skinmy cloud-shaped cookies stamped with the blog address and have a look at the pillow cases we stamped with potatoes with clouds and other forms.

We made a cute t-shirt with a cloud and rain drops with the help of the little eraser of a pencil. It is SO easy!

You just need:

a pencil with an eraser,
a white t-shirt,
stamping colors that can be used on textile (normally you fix the color with heat ironing the cloth on the back side, like the fabulous Clearsnap Colorbox we used – you  can buy these chalk paints  here and here),
a piece of paper,
some needles to fix the cloud.

NUBES-camiseta-estampada-con-un-borrador-de-lápiz-y-más-ideas-de-estampado-babyecochic NUBES-camiseta-estampada-con-un-borrador-de-lápiz-y-más-ideas-de-estampado-babyecochic

You draw a cloud on the paper, cut it and fix it to the t-shirt with the needles. We put a paper inside the t-shirt to avoid stains on the back side. Then the fun part starts. You use the little eraser to stamp dots around the paper cloud. Stamp several times to have also dots with faded color. Use the colors you like. Maya used different blue and violet color shades to resemble the sky. You have to stamp partly on the cloud to have a clear outline of the cloud as result. Afterwards we thought that it would look nice to paint some raindrops as well. We cut a raindrop in a paper with a craft knife and put it as stencil and used textile color to paint it with a brush. Put as many rain drops as you like or skip them.

Here you can see Stella´s cute skull tee we made for Halloween and beyond with the same technique – it turned out too cute… Post includes my skull stencil and other ideas for eraser stamping. 

NUBES-camiseta-estampada-con-un-borrador-de-lápiz-y-más-ideas-de-estampado-babyecochic NUBES-camiseta-estampada-con-un-borrador-de-lápiz-y-más-ideas-de-estampado-babyecochic

You can also cut the eraser to a triangle shape and stamp birthday invitations with my beloved buntings design (see my post with personalized bunting on pillow cases and Stella´s birthday cake with bunting cake topper) or decorate wrapping paper with triangles or dots. It will look awesome, I swear! Have a look at the ideas I found here in Ez Pudewa´s marvelous blog creature comforts.


Do you need inspiration for other DIY? Here you can see all of our projects.eraser-trinagle-stam-wrapping-idea-diy-craft-babyecochic-4 eraser-trinagle-stam-wrapping-idea-diy-craft-babyecochic-3 eraser-trinagle-stam-wrapping-idea-diy-craft-babyecochic-2 eraser-trinagle-stam-wrapping-idea-diy-craft-babyecochic


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