Toys that let your imagination fly: beautiful hand-made masks and toys

Today the twins told me about the toys their classmates had been given for Christmas and the truth is that it made ​​me quite sad what they told me. Children that did not receive a tablet, received a X-Box, Nintendo or any other “toy” with a screen. And they are only 7 years old… There wer only very little exceptions (except our daughters) and some of the kids had got a toy like this even before, I am quite sure. It is clear that children today know how to use a tablet and we also have one, but the girls can only play with it when we travel long distances in the car (and not all the time, first we play all kinds of games in the car, sing, they even paint etc. Our favorite game is that one of us thinks of an animal and the others  have to guess which one and ask questions, which can only be answered with yes and no.

I find it very sad that many children these days cannot really play freely or play with other kids. They do not usually play outside and let the imagination fly. Just looking at a screen and move your finger, shame!

I recently discovered Frida’s Tierchen (Tierchen means animal), a family business in Barcelona making toys, hand-made from natural material exclusively. They offer beautiful dolls and gorgeous masks. They have an online store. I cannot decide if I like the fox mask or the owl mask better. My favorite is perhaps the feathers crown in Indian style. I think I will buy something for my girls, I am sure they will love it! The photos are precious as well as you can see below.





Do you like these images or do you still prefer this one????

How is the childhood you dream for your children and the memories that you want them to keep?

What do you think about it? 

How do you adjusts the time that your child spends in front of  a screen?



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