MINI beach straw bag painted with CHALK PAINT: to play or decorative storage for a KID´s room

capazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochic capazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochic

I bought a mini beach bag made of straw a few months ago in Mallorca and wanted to paint it for some time now. You can also buy a mini beach straw bag here. I love stars as you can see: first birthday star cake, stamped pillowcases with stars and garland. Stella means star! The Autentico Chalk Paint is an environmentally friendly paint. Has water based paint with  natural ingredients without solvents respect the environment and the health of your family. It is easy to use on any surface without having to prepare it. The colors are wonderful – I used the color old turquoise.

I painted a star on both sides of the mini beach bag. It is super easy. Just paint the form you like (star, heart, cloud, flower, cross, etc..) on a thick piece of paper and cut it. You put the paper on top of the bag and fix it with Scotch tape. Paint the shape you chose with a medium sized brush with Chalk Paint. Remove the paper, let it dry and ready. See the entire process documented by photos.

The beach bag is really cute and you can store toys in a kid´s room, take it to the beach or a picnic or store anything your child would want to put inside. Stella takes it with her ​​favorite doll, books, her water bottle and a snack.

capazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochiccapazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochic   capazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochic

capazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochiccapazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochic capazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochic capazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochiccapazo-de-playa-beach-straw-bag-chalk-paint-babyecochic


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