MY vintage rocking HORSE and my recommendations for modern ROCKERS



When I think about high-value toys that might last for a long time, I think of rockers and rocking horses. Girls and boys alike love them, and they do not ever get bored using them as soon as they are able to sit and hold on to them.  It is lots of fun and rocking helps develop your little one’s motor skills.


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I still have MY old rocking horse I played with when I was a toddler!! Now it is a real vintage piece and I love it. Stella has such a lot of fun rocking on it. I always sing a German song to her and rock her on my knees or on the horse and she directly starts to sing the first words when she sits on the horse by herself– so adorable!


That´s me with my rocking horse when I was little…

If I had to buy a new rocking horse, I would choose one of the three rockers I recommend to you. They are all made of wood and other natural materials in an eco-friendly and sustainable way by companies that really care about the environment and producing sustainable products. They are all modern and beautifully designed and would perfectly integrate even in your living room…

Sirch is a company located in Southern Germany, which produces contemporary, sustainable toys with a minimalistic style (sibis line includes rockers, prams for dolls, vehicles for toddlers, etc.) and furthermore furniture and beautifully crafted sleighs. Their rockers sibis olga and sibis rosa are very stylish – for design-loving parents!

Sirch sibis rosa


Sirch sibis olga

Austrian manufacturer perludi offers versatile design furniture for kids, which takes into account the needs of kids and parents alike. All furniture pieces are made of natural, non-toxic, safe and child-friendly materials. Perludi´s rocker Constantin is made of organic material (wood and wool) and 100% recyclable. They use wooden boards that are glued together with a felted fabric made of virgin wool (loden). Ingenious!

perludi-constantin-rocking-horse-babyecochic2 perludi-constantin-rocking-horse-babyecochic

Rocking horse Calidu by German industrial designer Günther Schunn is made of oak wood and has a beautiful tail made of fringed leather.

schunn-calidu-rocking-horse-babyecochic schunn-calidu-rocking-horse-babyecochic2

I think this is my personal favorite, because I like it to be a rocking horse. Although I also like the clean minimalistic style of the other rockers and the felted surface of perludi´s rocker. Very difficult decision…

All of them are timeless pieces that do not outdate. More than a simple toy it is a design piece that will become a treasured heirloom and it will be passed on to generations to come, like my personal rocking horse.

Which rocking horse do you like best? Do you have one at home? 


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