KAPLA: A great construction play for ALL ages (Christmas is coming …) – VIDEO

Still in pajamas, the twins started playing with their wooden blocks Kapla, a set of simple construction blocks suitable for small, large and very large children (although over 40 I also love playing with their blocks …). The rectangular blocks are all of the same size it is VERY EASY to construct awesome towers, furniture for teddy bears, animals, write letters with the blocks, etc . You will feel like an architect! They are a bit expensive, but they last forever. The basic set consists of blocks made of raw, eco-friendly wood and additionally you can buy packages of colored blocks. They come with a book that gives you ideas, but imagination has no limits… I recommend them very much, the ideal Christmas gift or for any occasion.

We gave them as birthday gift to Maya and Zoe 2,5 years ago and still they play regularly with them…


Impressive video of a boy constructing Tour Eiffel!!


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