HABA, a brand specialized in inventing fun toys


A brand of toys that I really like is German brand HABA.  I recommended in another post their “guardian angels”, dolls which make a great gift for a newborn baby. HABA produces all kinds of toys for kids of all ages, from baby rattles to toys to play outside, furniture and dolls. Most of the toys of our twins that we kept are HABA toys. We have a castle with a knight and a princess and the dragon you see in the picture, cool baby wooden toys, fabric and wood stacking toys and construction blocks, a tent to hang on a hook in the ceiling, a mobile, games and more.

Their slogan is that they are the inventor of children’s toys and games and that seems very adecuate to me. Their toys are safe, innovative, beautiful, good quality and fun. An important part of the philosophy of HABA is based on sustainability and ecology. They manufacture products with excellent quality  that endure over time, worthwhile to keep them and hand them down. This is also a form of sustainability with the amount of toys and other children´s products that do not withstand the rather harsh treatment of children or neither you want to keep them. They end up too soon as unnecessary garbage and junk as they break in no time. I remember the first birthday party we organized for the kids: Every guest brought a present and most of them were not worthwhile at all. We gave away some of the toys, but I do not like to give something that does not convince me… Soon we started to organize a common gift with higher value that would last longer.

Have you received gifts for your children you did not like and what did you do with them?



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