A DREAM of a kindergarten: Drachenhöhle in Berlin by Baukind

Today I present a design kindergarten to you, located in Berlin and created by the arquitects Baukind. The marvellous design is cool and practical, I could not like it more! I’m seriously thinking about moving to Berlin, so at least our little one could enjoy sich a dream place. I fall into a deep depression when I think about the kindergarten of the twins…

The natural design in shape, colors and material support the pedagogical concept of the kindergarten. The combination of natural material with a simple, clear design provides calmness and organization. It is made of simple, natural materials with a great concept of bringing nature indoors . The name of the kindergarten is Drachenhöhle, which means cave of the dragon and it has lots of great details. It is also a very organized and clear place to support the daily routine of the lucky kids who go to this dream-like kindergarten (look at the place where they sleep with the organization of mattresses and cushions). Even the furniture is multifunctional and also serve to play. I love the trees for climbing and playing and also to organize coats. I wanted to put some branches in Stella ‘s room and now I ‘m more eager to do so – I will show you. The kids seem to be in nature even inside. They even have blackboard walls, you know I love them…

The last  photos are from another project called Loftschloss, they play with the word  Luftschloss meaning castle made of air air and the architectural concept Loft – most beautiful and original name for a kindergarten .

baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-1 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-8 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-9 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-4 baukind-loftschloss-babyecochic-45jpg baukind-loftschloss-babyecochic-4baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-5 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-6 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-2 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-12baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-3 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-14baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-10baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-20 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-17 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-18 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-19 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-15 baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-16baukind-drachenhoehle-babyecochic-11baukind-spreesprotten-babyecochicAdobe Photoshop PDFbaukind-loftschloss-babyecochicbaukind-loftschloss-babyecochic-3


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