Another inspiring book: PLAYFUL by Merrilee Liddiart – COOL crafts for and with kids

Playful-merrilee-liddiart-babyecochicToday I would like to recommend another marvillous book to you full of inspiring crafting and upcycle ideas: Playful by Merrilee Liddiart, founder of the breautiful blog mer mag. I have the book since some weeks now and it is really full of cool DIY and craft ideas for toys, costumes and masks. Most of the projects are to be made by an adult and your children will love to play with the result or you can decorate their room or a kid´s party.

Have a look at the beautiful images – for sure, I will make a toy house for the girls:

Playful-merrilee-liddiart-collar-de-bolas-de-madera-niñas-babyecochic Playful-merrilee-liddiart-corona-babyecochic Playful-merrilee-liddiart-cpiñata-handmade-tigre-babyecochic Playful-merrilee-liddiart-mascaras-de-platos-de-papel-babyecochic Playful-merrilee-liddiart-casa-de-munecas-de-carton-y-cinta-decorativa-babyecochic Playful-merrilee-liddiart-disfraz-princesa-babyecochic Playful-merrilee-liddiart-camiones-de-carton-y-cinta-decorativa-babyecochic Playful-merrilee-liddiart-disfraz-pajaro-babyecochic

Playfuñ-merrilee-liddiart-pueblo-hecho-de-madera-babyecochic Playfuñ-merrilee-liddiart-puzle-de-cartas-babyecochic




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