If your baby sleeps well, you also sleep well … advantages of a sleeping bag for your baby

This weekend the new sleeping bag for Stella arrived. It is by the Swiss brand ZiZzz and we love it. It is very important that your baby sleeps well, because it lets you also rest well! The sleeping bag is also a great gift for a baby!

Sleeping bags have many advantages compared with duvets and baby blankets. Infants cannot uncover and get cold and  italso reduces the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Stella´s new sleeping bag is gorgeous and made of 100% natural fibers. Outside it is made of organic cotton to protect baby’s delicate skin against toxics and the filling is a patented blend of Swiss wool and natural fibers, but it can still be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius (very important!). Although you probably have to wash it less times tan a synthetic sleeping bag as wool naturally resists the build-up of odours. Yes, it is true, it does not become smelly like synthetics. We have a sheepskin bag for the stroller and it is fantastic. It stays fresh even without washing. I posted already about the importance of organic natural fibers.
Most sleeping bags on the market are filled with polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fiber (plastic) made of petroleum oil that is not breathable to maintain easily body temperature, but only a cheap filling..
Did you ever sleep under polyester bedclothes in a cheap hotel? All night long you’re tossing and turning. First you’re too warm, then too cold. Imagine how your baby must feel, sleeping inside a baby sleeping bag or duvet filled with polyester for more than 5,000 hours a year. A breathable baby sleeping bag allows air and moisture to pass through and guarantees deeper and more relaxed sleep for your baby and YOU.
Did you know that wool is a natural fire-extinguisher? So even though our baby sleeping bags meet all international safety standards, we don’t need to use fire retardant to treat Swisswool, which are also awell-known toxicl. Many synthetic fabrics have to be treated with toxic fire retardants in order to comply with baby safety standards. Their use has been linked to cancer and reduced fertility.
The design is very accomplished. The zipper is thick and works very well and it is covered not to hurt baby´s delicate skin. It has a hole in the back side, so you can use it in your car seat when you are travelling. Ingenious feature!Stella has always slept pretty well and has always slept in sleeping bags (I consider it very important for her well-being to be wrapped and warm), but I have the feeling that now she sleeps even better… It is our ritual to put the sleeping bag after bath and I nurse her cozily wrapped. She knows perfectly that agterwards she will have to sleep.It is important for your baby to sleep in a very fresh and well-ventilated room. Ideal temperature is 17 to 19 degrees Celsius, not more. As Stella has a small room we barely put on the heating like in our bedroom and often even leave the window open.


Stella loves her new sleeping bag… and it works, as you can see!

It arrived packed in a cute white box with this picture.



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