Delicious, healthy and CALCIUM-rich family finger food KIDS LOVE: HUMMUS with raw vegetables and breadsticks

Hummus is a paste made of cooked chickpeas, a delicious dip, which is consumed a lot in Middle East.


Chickpeas provide more protein than some type of meat (18 g in 100 g of chickpeas versus 16 g in chicken breast) and contain around 6 mg iron per 100 g. Calcium content of chickpeas is quite high as well, equivalent to the calcium content of milk.

Tahini, a sesame paste, contains lots of protein and beneficial fats for the development of children. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is one of the most calcium-rich foods of non-animal origin: 783 mg of calcium/100 g tahini, much more than 100 g of yoghurt or milk that contain around 150 mg of calcium.

It is a very healthy and easy recipe that offers all kinds of nutrients and fiber and is especially delicious. My kids love to cruch carrots etc. and dip them in hummus.



- 15-ounce can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed (organic, if possible)

- one or two cloves of garlic

- one teaspoon of sea salt

- a tablespoon of tahini, sesame paste

- juice of half a lemon or lime

- a tablespoon of olive oil

- pinch of cumin and pepper

Put all ingredients in a food processor and mix for one minute and READY. Serve with preferably organic raw vegetables, like carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, etc. and breadsticks.

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Another idea for a healthy snack: toast with guacamole or smoothies.



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