Avocado SUPERFOOD: our delicious GUACAMOLE recipe and a magic trick to avoid to become brown and oxidize

Breakfast is the best meal of the day for me. The pity is that during the week I do not have much time, however on the weekend we usually prepare a hearty breakfast. When I lived in Germany I regularly organized breakfast and brunch with friends or went to places where you can have breakfast for hours and until late. The brunch often include a choice of breads, granola with fruit and yogurt, boiled or scrambled eggs, salmon, ham, sausages and cheeses, homemade jams, variations of salads, a hot dish and of course coffee, tea and juices.

I learned that breakfast is normally not the favorite meal in Spain and the concept of a brunch was barely known when I came to Spain. We follow the German tradition at home. Our breakfasts on weekends always include guacamole. We love it, all of us, even Stella, and it is a must have.

 I like toasted bread with olive oil, freshly prepared guacamole and grated tomato. The girls put anchovies, ham or cheese on top. They usually prepare huge toast “burgers”… delicious! 


Our recipe for guacamole :


• 2 slightly soft avocados (save the seeds – see below why)
• juice of half a lime
• medium spring onion cut into small cubes (if you like spring onions)
• a pinch of salt
• a pinch of ground cumin
• some pepper

You can mash the avocado with a fork or blender. Just blend all ingredients together and you’re done.

It is super easy and a good first recipe that kids can prepare themselves.

It is always better to prepare guacamole fresh, because it oxidized rapidly. Do you know the trick to prevent it from becoming ugly and brown? Look further down and you will be surprised…

Do you want to know some more interesting facts and general info on this superfood?

Avocados (origin Mexico) do not have the good image they deserve as people think it is fattening. It is true, that it contains lots of healthy fats, but it is also true that especially the unsaturated fat is very beneficial for our health, which makes it perfect family SUPERFOOD. According to research exactly those fat types decrease the risk of abortion in pregnant women.

Avocado is one of the healthiest and nutrient-dense food of the planet. It is rich in iron, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, folic acid, minerals (especially potassium, magnesium and phosphate) and fatty acids.

Conventionally grown avocados (not grown organic) contain only very small traces of pesticides. Avocado fruits are included in the CLEAN 15 list of EWG´s list of produce, which is less contaminated with pesticides than others. Avocado fruits never ripe on the tree, but would fall down and ripe on the ground. The avocados you find in the supermarket are picked and then ripe in the supermarket or at the buyer´s home.

One of the first solid food we introduced to our baby was avocado and it is still one of her favorites. We mix it with other fruit like apple or banana or just put it in the smoothie we prepare every morning. It gives the smoothie a creamy texture and a powerful nutritional boost. Stella and the rest of our family love it. I will start to put our smoothie recipes we invent every day. This one does not contain avocado, but it is nevertheless delicious and healthy.

Put an avocado in your salad (in cubes, mashed and mixed into the dressing or directly on top as guacamole) and it increases considerably absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and carotenoids, like alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lutein.



Avocados oxidize rapidly, but there is a trick that diminishes oxidation considerably. Do you know the trick? To prevent it from becoming ugly and brown? You only have to keep the seed stored in the guacamole. It really works!

If you want to use only half an avocado, leave the seed in the half you save (like in the photograph) and you will see that it hardly oxidizes.  IT´S MAGIC!




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