Twins: LOVE squared. Friday is TWINS-day – from now on


We have so many beautiful, funny, stylish and cute photographs of our twin girls Maya and Zoe and decided that we would share part of them with you. Although we still want to protect our girls and I will not put recent pictures where you can see them very clearly, but still we have enough to share. From now on, I will publish a twin photo every Friday. Follow me by email, so you do not miss any of the photographs. To get a first taste, I share some pictures today to “get started”.


There are so many twins and I have the impression that it is even more common nowadays. For us they were our “first daughters”, as we did not have children before they were born. Although it is quite a lot of work and you feel a bit disorientated at the beginning, I think that it is basically the same with first-time-parents of one baby. Anyway, our twin daughters are the best thing that ever happened to us , to be honest, we even dreamt about having two at once, but never thought that it would become a reality. Big hugs to all twin parents and all other twins out there.

Sit back, have a cup of coffee or tea and have a look at our pictures.

Are you mom or dad of twins? Share your experience or tips with me.


This is hiow it all started... Así es como empezó...

This is hiow it all started… Así es como empezó…



Take this – Toma esta


Two crawlers – Dos que gatean


Double pair of little hands – Doble par de manitas pequeñas


Dpiuble pair of little feet – Doble par de pies chiquitos


I will take over now – Ahora conduzco yo


Dreaming in the green – Soñando en el verde

Besos nenas

I share everything with you – Yo comparto todo contigo


Twins in spring – Gemelas en primavera


I see double double – Veo doble doble


The world upside-down – El mundo al revés


Twin sister love – Amor de hermanas gemelas


Playing and discovering – Jugando y descubriendo

DSC_0144 - Versión 2

I am flying to you – Voy volando hacía tí


Stylish bike ride as double – Paseo de bici chic en doble


Twin sisters in the woods – Gemelas en el bosque

Sundowner double – Atardecer doble


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