TWINS: LOVE squared – How to tell them apart

Again it is Friday: Friday is TWINS-day sharing photos of our twins Maya and Zoe. Our girls were around eight months at the time the picture was taken.

We did the following to distinguish in future who is who on the photos: we located Maya usually on the right side of the photo and Zoe on the left. They were located like this also in my baby belly: Maya on the right side and Zoe on the left. In some photographs where only one girl shows we have doubts who she is… In this photo we even gave them their letter, so no doubt about their identity. It is funny when they have a look at photos now, they ask all the time who is who and give their guess. At least regarding the photos of the first year, there are no doubts…

Parents of twins: did you do something special to recognize who is who? Any special ideas you like to share?



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