A dream lamp for your nursery – ORIGAMI LOVE

Studio Snowpuppe in Scheveningen, Netherlands creates these gorgeous lamps. They are hand-made with Origami technique.

I love the sofa, the table, the lamp obviously and the Origami containers. So beautiful!

I imagine an Origami lamp in a nursery, for example next to a precious and delicate mobile.



In Stella´s nursery, we have an Origami style lamp, but I am thinking about exchanging the current lamp for one of these artworks.

You can purchase them in their etsy shop called nellianna 

Etsy is a kind of ebay for artisanal and hand-made stuff sold by people all over the world. Enter and be delighted by all the beautiful and ingenious hand-crafted items you can purchase.



Looks gorgeous also in your living room.

Cool and ingenious Origami pillows! Stunning!






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