Really easy DIY for a FLUFFY CLOUD-shaped rug for your kid´s room or nursery – AWESOME

I love clouds! They are beautiful, easy to paint even for little kids, very decorative and invite to dream (I spent hours as a child watching the clouds and interpreting their forms). Fluffy clouds resemble sheep and remind of the custom of counting sheep, if you cannot sleep. Seem ideal to decorate a child’s room!


Thinking about clouds and sheep, I bought two sheepskins to make rugs for Stella´s room. They look beautiful and it is one of the easiest and quickest DIY I ever did! 

You just need a sheepskin, scissors and a piece of chalk. Use the chalk to paint ​​a cloud on the no-hairy side of the skin depending on the shape of the sheepskin, cut it with sharp scissors and in less than 5 minutes you are proud owner of an awesome cloud-rug. Apart from the decorative outside, it is also a beautiful, warm and natural material. An ECO CHIC material, if you ask me….


Before and after

I like wool, it is very versatile. We inherited a sheepskin bag for Stella´s stroller from my sister. We liked it so much that Stella slept her first months all of the time in this open sleeping bag. Wool has so many advantages as a material: it is soft, it regulates the body temperature and it does not accumulate odors like synthetic fibers. Most of the time you only need to air and brush with a special comb to stay fresh. Here you can read about the importance of using natural fibers for your baby and the whole family. 


Later we bought a real sleeping bag for Stella, as you can read here, and it also contains wool. Because if your baby sleeps well, you also sleep well….

I also cut a cute little rug for Maya´s favorite little hippopotamus….

DSC_2586If you like to buy this adorable wooden truck by Goki, you can buy it here.easy-DIY-cloud-shaped-carped-made-of-sheep-skin-babyecochic easy-DIY-cloud-shaped-carped-made-of-sheep-skin-babyecochic

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