Our forest decoration in Stella´s room with her new FOREST FRIENDS


I have been ill with the flu and then sinusitis. This is the reason why I have not written anything lately, but now I am back and I have many ideas and information to share. Let’s start today … I want to introduce one of the birthday gifts we gave to Stella – she is already TWO years old!

We surprised her the day of her birthday with a new decoration of the doors of her closet in her room: a birch tree painted by my husband with these type of pens decorated with adorable stickers of forest animals and a Beagle puppy as she is crazy about dogs and animals in general. The stickers are by Kek Amsterdam and they are so cute – Stella loves her new friends. She even gives kisses to her little puppy…

She is so proud of her new forest corner and I am also happy how it turned out. I also hung a small wooden bird house I bought in Germany and put a light inside. One of the knobs to open the closet serves as egg in the bird´s nest.

What do you think about our little forest at home?

Stella´s birthday cake had the same theme and was decorated with her new forest friends as well. Soon I share photos and the fancy recipe of an uncommon and healthy chocolate cake I found in this book.

a-forest-at-home-birch-tree-kek-amsterdam-babyecochic a-forest-at-home-birch-tree-kek-amsterdam-babyecochic a-forest-at-home-birch-tree-kek-amsterdam-babyecochic a-forest-at-home-birch-tree-kek-amsterdam-babyecochic   a-forest-at-home-birch-tree-kek-amsterdam-babyecochic


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