Let´s make some great FINGERPRINT ART – inspiration by Marion Deuchars´book


It is very easy to make cool pictures painting with fingerprints. Maya made ​​a beautiful picture of an autumn tree with leaves of many colors. We were inspired by the wonderful book by Marion Deuchars, illustrator, artist and author of several books, including: Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art.

The book gives many examples and is full of ideas how to paint or even write with your fingerprints or make cool pictures with handprints. It also uses stencil technique filling the space with fingerprints.

You can try the online application on Marion´s page here: you paint the handprint and you can even send it to their gallery where it will be exposed online.

We also made big sister mugs for Maya and Zoe printing with fingers and using letter stamps we bought here. The result was really cool, but I cannot show it to you, because unfortunately we did not put the mugs enough time in the oven to seal the colors and the paint went off. We must make them again, but still have not. Failure of the artist …

Here are a few images. You just need stamp paint that can be used on chinaware (supposedly …) although in this case it has not worked out well. Aquí os dejo unas cuantas imágenes.

Above all you need your imagination – be inspired by a few pages of the book you find at the end of my post and a cute video about the book. I recommend this activity with children for rainy days! 
I would be happy to receive your works of art on the facebook page of Eco Chic Baby, where I will publish them. By the way: keep recommending and liking us and thanks so much for your support!!!

Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-tazas-handmade-babyecochic Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-tazas-handmade-babyecochic Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-tazas-handmade-babyecochicMarion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-tazas-handmade-babyecochic Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-tazas-handmade-babyecochic Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-arbol-babyecochic

Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-babyecochic Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-ABC-babyecochicMarion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-blanco-y-negro-babyecochic Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-abejas-babyecochic Marion-Deuchar-Arte-deja-tus-huellas-cangrefo-babyecochic


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