Happy THIRD ADVENT! Finally I present our modern Advent wreath made with pieces of BIRCH trunk

Today was a very gray day and it did not stop raining. The best day to stay at home and light candles and the fireplace and indulge in Christmas sweets. We were traveling last week, that is the reason why I did not post, but soon I tell you about our mini-vacations of thousand and one wonders in and around Marrakech. A dream destination for an exotic family vacation!

I finally like to present our Advent wreath made of pieces of birch trunk (I love the drawing of birch) that I carried with me on a hike in the mountains in summer – see the photo below. On the first Advent we took a walk through the woods and gathered all the moss, little fruits, branches, pebbles, feathers, pine cones, etc. I used to decorate together with pieces of birch trunk of various heights on a round tray and candles from Ikea. I think it still lacked a finishing touch, so I wrote with a Dymo “First Advent”, “Second Advent”, etc. (in German) and stuck the stickers on the candles. Ready a beautiful, modern and natural Advent wreath.

Happy Third Advent!

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our-bich-trunkmodern-advent-wreath-adventskranz-babyecochic our-bich-trunkmodern-advent-wreath-adventskranz-babyecochic  DSC_2292_2


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