Discover the CHILD inside you! Beautiful, ingenious photos.

These photographs and drawings of  Kerstin Hiester­mann or “Khiesti” in Insta­gram make me SMILE.


She lives close to Hannover in Germany and is mother of three kids. She is also Spielkkind, which means that she is a child at heart, the child in her is still alive. We should all preserve the imagination we used to have as child and the way to look at things, a different perspective of the small details. Kerstin is like a magician who gives live to the small things with her magic wand. I love all of her photographs and the small monster she draws is sooo cute. 


 Her artworks are based on a simple leave, a plate of food, a toy like the dino, a flower or simply four pink buttons. It seems her imaginations does not have limits! She also has wonderful videos with music on her webpage.

ROCKET STAR!! I could not resist and ordered one print for Stella´s room. I will show you another time…
babyecochic-spielkkind-star-snowflakes babyecochic-spielkkind-rollercoaster babyecochic-spielkkind-selection babyecochic-spielkkind-four-little-pigs  babyecochic-spielkkind-dino babyecochic-spielkkind-donut-sparkle


I am quite convinced that your kids will love her artworks. Why not collect some leaves, sticks, take some whimsical toys or anything and craft your own artworks for your family gallery. Let your imagination fly. Have a look at our works of art we made with fall leaves here.

You can also purchase her work online here and here.

A delicious gift for a newborn baby´s nursery or for your own baby´s nursery. A really special gift that will last long



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