I love scarfs and FEYNEST: they offer exclusive designs made of natural fibres – for a very CHIC mom

Today I present a German fashion brand to you: Feynest is a brand with accessories that are a synonym for exclusiveness and classiness. They offer especially stylish and precious scarfs that fit to nearly anything. Especially for new moms it is always convenient to have a scarf, for example to use it while breast-feeding and it is an important accessory that makes you feel fashionable and chic as it adds lots of style to any outfit you choose. Throw on one of their scarfs when you wear jeans, a white t-shirt and trainers and you will feel quite CHIC. Feynest works a lot with weaving patterns and uses cloth and leather for their timeless  pieces of extraordinary quality. They use natural and organic fibres. like silk and cashmere, but also wool and leather. The scarfs are manufactured manually in Europe and Asia.

Every piece is a bit different – as unique as the woman that wears it.



feynest-babyecochic-AIDA2    feynest-babyecochic-AIDA     feynest-babyecochic-ANTONIA









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