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It is really difficult to find an ideal diaper bag. It should be chic and practical and it should not “interfere” with your style. I never understood why diaper bags have to be so ugly, with childish patterns or in bright pink or blue. The mom has to carry the bag, but it seems that [...]

thalasso bath

Thalasso bath of a newborn baby, so delightful! I relax watching the vido and I am not surprised that the baby sleeps at the end. Have a great day!


Still in pajamas, the twins started playing with their wooden blocks Kapla, a set of simple construction blocks suitable for small, large and very large children (although over 40 I also love playing with their blocks ...). The rectangular blocks are all of the same size it is VERY EASY to construct awesome towers, furniture [...]

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What do babies think? Alison Gopnik´s talk in TED


I love to watch talks on TED, it is really worthwhile and they have a huge choice of talks on all kinds of topics. Normally the talks are only 18 minutes long. It does not cost anything and you widen your perspective on things. The talks are easy sharable as TED´s objective is to reach as [...]