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         I started stamping only little black hearts, but then I found it very boring and I started stamping some red hearts as well. Finally I also stamped some big, red hearts, you can see the result in the pictures we took with Stella.

Galletas con forma de nube con la dirección de mi blog con gotitas de agua de smarties.

250 g of wheat flour (I usually use the semi-wholemeal one) 2 tablespoons of icing sugar 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 1 pinch of salt 150 g softened organic butter 50 g of sour cream ( 20 or 24 % fat ) M&Ms (Smarties), nuts, sugar pearls, etc. . and an egg yolk You also [...]


I would like to present a talk on TED to you that refers to all the harmful chemicals your baby is exposed to already in the womb. Did you know that our bodies contain between 30,000 and 50,000 chemicals that could not be found in the bodies of our grandparents? In this modern world we [...]


HABA, a brand specialized in inventing fun toys


A brand of toys that I really like is German brand HABA.  I recommended in another post their "guardian angels", dolls which make a great gift for a newborn baby. HABA produces all kinds of toys for kids of all ages, from baby rattles to toys to play outside, furniture and dolls. Most of the toys of [...]


A dream lamp for your nursery – ORIGAMI LOVE


Studio Snowpuppe in Scheveningen, Netherlands creates these gorgeous lamps. They are hand-made with Origami technique. I love the sofa, the table, the lamp obviously and the Origami containers. So beautiful! I imagine an Origami lamp in a nursery, for example next to a precious and delicate mobile. Ekoorbsnave   In Stella´s nursery, we have an Origami [...]


You know I love organic clothes for babies and today I would like to present the English fashion brand OrganicZOO to you. The organic clothes are decorated with cute, graphic designs, all made of organic cotton. In another post I wrote about the advantages of organic cotton for your baby and the environment and I also wrote [...]


Elena Shumilova is a Russian photographer and mother of two beautiful boys, that serve frequently as models for her precious photographs. You can also have a look at her photos in Flickr. All of them are beautiful. Prepare a tea or coffee for yourself, sit down, relax and have a look at all of her amazing pictures. [...]


Topmodel Doutzen Kroes is pregnant again!


Breaking news of the day: Doutzen Kroes announces in her Facebook that she is pregnant with her second child and she publishes a spectacturar photo of her little baby belly. BEAUTIFUL photo!   "This is not a #throwbackthursday this is now! So happy to share with you that we are expecting" CONGRATS from Baby Eco Chic to Doutzen, [...]


It is really difficult to find an ideal diaper bag. It should be chic and practical and it should not “interfere” with your style. I never understood why diaper bags have to be so ugly, with childish patterns or in bright pink or blue. The mom has to carry the bag, but it seems that [...]


There are many scientific studies confirming that pesticides and other chemicals found in fresh produce can cause a variety of health problems, including cancer, endocrine problems and it can harm the reproductive or immune system and the nervous system. A recent analysis in the journal Pediatrics concluded that exposure to high levels of common pesticides [...]