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I publish every WEDNESDAY a post about an ingenious toy or children´s book I recommend. Wednesday is PLAY or READ day!

On Sunday it did not stop raining all day. I put a hopscotch made of masking tape (or Washi tape) in the twin´s room, normally you would paint it outside with chalk. You can make fantastic things out of masking type: decorate the wall, craft works of art, paint race tracks in your living room [...]


Today the twins told me about the toys their classmates had been given for Christmas and the truth is that it made ​​me quite sad what they told me. Children that did not receive a tablet, received a X-Box, Nintendo or any other "toy" with a screen. And they are only 7 years old... There wer only very [...]


Still in pajamas, the twins started playing with their wooden blocks Kapla, a set of simple construction blocks suitable for small, large and very large children (although over 40 I also love playing with their blocks ...). The rectangular blocks are all of the same size it is VERY EASY to construct awesome towers, furniture [...]

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UPCYCLING: In my previous life I was a tire…


... and now I love to swing little boys and girls. Look what a sustainable swing made of a car tire. A really good example for UPCYCLING. What is that?  According to Wikipedia: Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. In [...]


A GUARDIAN ANGEL for your baby


The cute dolls are made by German brand HABA, from their new line of organic and sustainable toys Pure Nature. They are made of organic cotton and are free of toxic substances you frequently find in toys.  So cute, I want one for my baby! TINE TONI // // // //

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Shakira is an ECO-mom


Shakira, Gérard Piqué and their little Milan born in January 2013. ¡Bravo, Shakira, for giving such a good example!