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Galletas con forma de nube con la dirección de mi blog con gotitas de agua de smarties.

250 g of wheat flour (I usually use the semi-wholemeal one) 2 tablespoons of icing sugar 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 1 pinch of salt 150 g softened organic butter 50 g of sour cream ( 20 or 24 % fat ) M&Ms (Smarties), nuts, sugar pearls, etc. . and an egg yolk You also [...]


GIVE-AWAY to celebrate Mother´s DAY

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I love smoothies where you put the whole fruit or vegetable in a high speed blender and have a thick, nutrient-dense first food of the day. We enjoy daily a smoothie, the whole family (Stella started to have it with 10 months aprox as well and SHE LOVES IT!). We put any fruits, vegetables, green leaves, [...]


If you want to color Easter eggs in an eco-friendly and non-toxic way and eat them afterwards, use natural colors like blueberry, onion, coffee, tea, turcmenic powder, beet root, red onion, chili, etc. . You only have to cook the eggs together with the natural dye and the result is colored hard-boiled Easter eggs. If [...]


Breakfast is the best meal of the day for me. The pity is that during the week I do not have much time, however on the weekend we usually prepare a hearty breakfast. When I lived in Germany I regularly organized breakfast and brunch with friends or went to places where you can have breakfast [...]


I always liked to grow plants and grow fruit or vegetable seeds. Please have a look at the video of a very smart girl of Third grade, who explains the importance of organic with an easy experiment... BRAVO, Elise! Here you go:


CANDLELIGHT dinner with kids – why NOT?


    Last weekend we prepared a romantic candlelight dinner with our two elder daughters. Why not have a special family dinner once in a while? It motivates them and makes the kids feel very important and we also like these special moments together as family. We decorated the table beautifully, put candles and little [...]


Three weeks ago I was in New York. I love New York and have to go once a year to the most beautiful city in the world. Last year I passed out as Stella was born, but this year there was no excuse and we went to the Big Apple, only my husband and I... [...]


I am not talking about an orange juice you buy in the supermarket neither a freshly squeezed one you prepare at home. I love smoothies where you put the whole fruit or vegetable in a high speed blender and have a thick, nutrient-dense first food of the day. We enjoy daily a smoothie, the whole [...]


There are many scientific studies confirming that pesticides and other chemicals found in fresh produce can cause a variety of health problems, including cancer, endocrine problems and it can harm the reproductive or immune system and the nervous system. A recent analysis in the journal Pediatrics concluded that exposure to high levels of common pesticides [...]