LOVE squared: Photographs of our twin daughters ( Friday is TWINS-day and we publish a photo of them each friday) and more information about twins

TWINS: LOVE squared – Play to be only child


I started last week with this regular post: Friday is Twins-day sharing photos of our twins Maya and Zoe. Our girls were around three months at the time the picture was taken. They were quite conscious of their twin sister, their "shadow" and their favorite game of both of them was to "play to be only child". [...]


Twins: LOVE squared. Friday is TWINS-day – from now on

 We have so many beautiful, funny, stylish and cute photographs of our twin girls Maya and Zoe and decided that we would share part of them with you. Although we still want to protect our girls and I will not put recent pictures where you can see them very clearly, but still we have enough [...]