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HAPPY FALL season to you! My TO-DO list for autumn


This year I want to: - Cook a chestnut creamy soup (I was going to do it last year after trying it in a friend's house, but I did not) - Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins to eat and decorate - Collect chestnuts, pines and acorns with the girls and make crafts with them like this super-cool [...]

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Stephanie Luxat, writer of the BEAUTIFUL blog ohhhmhhh focussing on design and decoration and providing awesome ideas just released a new book TODAY, which will definitely be included in my next amazon order: Wie eine Wohnung ein Zuhause wird (How a house becomes a home). Unfortunately, it is written in German, but the beautiful photos of [...]


Thinking about clouds and sheep, I bought two sheepskins to make rugs for Stella´s room. They look beautiful and it is one of the easiest and quickest DIY I ever did!  You just need a sheepskin, scissors and a piece of chalk. Use the chalk to paint ​​a cloud on the no-hairy side of the [...]

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The brand was founded by Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan, a Franco-American couple and has existed for over 10 years. It is a benchmark for green and sustainable products with style for children. I love their beautiful cribs and toddler beds. The new collection of clothes is awesome. Many pieces are hand made with Alpaca [...]


I painted a star on both sides of the mini beach bag. It is super easy. Just paint the form you like (star, heart, cloud, flower, cross, etc..) on a thick piece of paper and cut it. You put the paper on top of the bag and fix it with Scotch tape. Paint the shape [...]


During the birthday party of our twin girls we stamp pillowcases (Ikea RITVA) as one of the activities. We had a great time.   The girls began to stamp and paint the cushion covers I had bought at Ikea enthusiastically. Zoe came up with the idea of ​​stamping small, multi.colored hearts (I used the same [...]


         I started stamping only little black hearts, but then I found it very boring and I started stamping some red hearts as well. Finally I also stamped some big, red hearts, you can see the result in the pictures we took with Stella.


If you want to color Easter eggs in an eco-friendly and non-toxic way and eat them afterwards, use natural colors like blueberry, onion, coffee, tea, turcmenic powder, beet root, red onion, chili, etc. . You only have to cook the eggs together with the natural dye and the result is colored hard-boiled Easter eggs. If [...]


Play is extremely important for the development of children (I am preparing another post about this, you'll see ...). Today I publish the two-weekly PLAY-post where present cool and ingenious toys that I like and I wanted to propose to you today to integrate a playground at home. To integrate more playfulness in your home [...]


Today I present a design kindergarten to you, located in Berlin and created by the arquitects Baukind. The marvellous design is cool and practical, I could not like it more! I'm seriously thinking about moving to Berlin, so at least our little one could enjoy sich a dream place. I fall into a deep depression when [...]