Reading is educating: great books for babies and kids. I write about “coffee table books for children” as they are so beautiful you can expose them.
I publish every WEDNESDAY a post about an ingenious toy or children´s book I recommend. Wednesday is PLAY or READ day!


This books makes you smile and your kids will love it. We bought this book in New York. It has simple drawings, but the idea is ingenious. It reminds me of one of my favourite books when I was a kid Little blue and little yellow by Leo Lionni with its color dots and minimalistic [...]


Today I would like to present some great children´s books by  Leo Lionni (Ámsterdam 1910, Toscana 1999), a graphic designer, painter, illustrator and creator of marvellous children´s books. You can easily call those books coffee table books for kids! They are fantastic with beautiful drawings and very meaningful. A very abstract book aboput friendship that makes your [...]


What do babies think? Alison Gopnik´s talk in TED


I love to watch talks on TED, it is really worthwhile and they have a huge choice of talks on all kinds of topics. Normally the talks are only 18 minutes long. It does not cost anything and you widen your perspective on things. The talks are easy sharable as TED´s objective is to reach as [...]