The R´s: recycle, reuse, reduce, repurpose, reclaim, restore: ideas for eco-friendly habits for the whole family and recycle ideas, take care of the environment, beautiful green pictures


I could not agree more, especially in these moments of rush! This is the time of rushing though the shops looking for gifts or spending hours in front of the computer looking for STUFF - Stuff that nearly nobody needs neither wants and often ends up rarely being used: sixth scarf, tenth perfume, second iPad, eighth soft [...]


Cost between 35 and 75 € and you can buy it in Stella McCartney´s online shop. I do not have to mention again that apart from all the rest, I also love her name Stella... hihihi!




She helped a lot to put the pomegranates in a wooden box while her sisters and me climbed the tree and picked the fruits. I opened a pomegranate, put the seeds in her eco-friendly dish made of bamboo and our little gourmet went outside and sat in the box on top of the picked fruits… enjoying [...]


HAPPY FALL season to you! My TO-DO list for autumn


This year I want to: - Cook a chestnut creamy soup (I was going to do it last year after trying it in a friend's house, but I did not) - Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins to eat and decorate - Collect chestnuts, pines and acorns with the girls and make crafts with them like this super-cool [...]

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I love the idea and am seriously thinking of buying a vintage desk though I do not really know where to put it – love it so much. They incorporate a piece of history: imagine all the children seated at it in the past.  houzz: Contemporary Kids by Amsterdam Media & Bloggers Holly Marder [...]

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The recipe is so easy. You just need a food processor to mix it (we have a Thermomix), wooden sticks and the following ingredients. - Half a peeled pineapple (I used 300 g) - Coconut milk (150g - half the weight of the pineapple) - juice of half a lime - 1 tablespoon of agave [...]


I have been always obsessed with sun screen, and especially used lots of sun cream to protect the kids, as Spain is a very sunny country and I know that sunburns in childhood can double a person’s lifetime chances of developing serious forms of skin cancer. Even, if the child does not have a sunburn, the sun [...]


Well, we switched to energy saving light bulbs to save energy, we are anyway forced to in Europe by legislation. What is not so well-known is that energy-saving light bulbs (also called compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFLs) contain MERCURY that is released when accidentally broken. You can easily break a bulp at home having [...]

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BIOBU by ekobo: ECO-CHIC kid’s dishware


Normally kids have plastic dishware, so they cannot break it. We used to have melamine plates when the twins were little (but never heat anything in the microwave on plastic dishware or Tupperware as chemicals enter the food – see my post) and also chinaware. I still conserve my kid´s chinaware I had when I [...]