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HAPPY FALL season to you! My TO-DO list for autumn


This year I want to: - Cook a chestnut creamy soup (I was going to do it last year after trying it in a friend's house, but I did not) - Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins to eat and decorate - Collect chestnuts, pines and acorns with the girls and make crafts with them like this super-cool [...]

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Stephanie Luxat, writer of the BEAUTIFUL blog ohhhmhhh focussing on design and decoration and providing awesome ideas just released a new book TODAY, which will definitely be included in my next amazon order: Wie eine Wohnung ein Zuhause wird (How a house becomes a home). Unfortunately, it is written in German, but the beautiful photos of [...]


The recipe is so easy. You just need a food processor to mix it (we have a Thermomix), wooden sticks and the following ingredients. - Half a peeled pineapple (I used 300 g) - Coconut milk (150g - half the weight of the pineapple) - juice of half a lime - 1 tablespoon of agave [...]


If you want your child to learn and to be better prepared for life, let it play. Unfortunately children today have a very busy schedule and do not play as much as in former times and lose much time in front of screens (for me this is not to play, see also this post). I [...]

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During the birthday party of our twin girls we stamp pillowcases (Ikea RITVA) as one of the activities. We had a great time.   The girls began to stamp and paint the cushion covers I had bought at Ikea enthusiastically. Zoe came up with the idea of ​​stamping small, multi.colored hearts (I used the same [...]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Maya and Zoe! Just recently was the birthday of the twins, already 8 years - time runs... I made a delicious cake with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries I took the recepi from the fantastic book Nordic Bakery by Miisa Mink. My husband bought it in Nordic Bakery in London, a nice Scandinavian-style café with [...]

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         I started stamping only little black hearts, but then I found it very boring and I started stamping some red hearts as well. Finally I also stamped some big, red hearts, you can see the result in the pictures we took with Stella.

Galletas con forma de nube con la dirección de mi blog con gotitas de agua de smarties.

250 g of wheat flour (I usually use the semi-wholemeal one) 2 tablespoons of icing sugar 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 1 pinch of salt 150 g softened organic butter 50 g of sour cream ( 20 or 24 % fat ) M&Ms (Smarties), nuts, sugar pearls, etc. . and an egg yolk You also [...]


 Inspiration needed: Have a look at my post about ingenious ECO-friendly gifts for Father´s Day.   I adore this video, which depicts very well what it means to be a mom... #worldstoughestjob Created by Boston Agency Mullen, which posted  a job listing online for a "director of operations" position. The requirements sounded really tough and quite brutal: [...]