Beautiful and different children´s books that make the imagination fly: Leo Lionni

Today I would like to present some great children´s books by 
Leo Lionni (Ámsterdam 1910, Toscana 1999), a graphic designer, painter, illustrator and creator of marvellous children´s books.

You can easily call those books coffee table books for kids! They are fantastic with beautiful drawings and very meaningful.

My favourite books since I was little! 


1. Little Blue and Little Yellow / Pequeño azul y pequeño amarillo

A very abstract book aboput friendship that makes your imagination fly, because on the contrary of many children-s books, it only shows blurs of colors and imagination of children and adults alike is not predetermined. An ingenious book, different and a real classic. 


2. Frederick

Another very poetic classic book for children with beautiful illustrations. It is the beautiful story of an outsider, Frederick, the little mouse that dos not want to collect nuts and seeds for winter time, but instead prefers to collect sun rays and colors. With his talent he lightens up the long winter for all other mice.



3. Swimmy / Nadarín

The little black fish Swimmy lives with a shoal of red fish. He organizes all fishes to discover the marvel of the ocean without being devoured by big fish. The story emphasizes that altogether we can accomplish whatever we want to achieve.


Have fun reading these marvelous books to your kids! Reading makes your imagination fly, television suppresses imagination rather…


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