HAPPY by Mies van Hout – Favorite coffee table children´s book and SONG to put you in HAPPY mood

Happy by Mies van Hout is a real work of art. It was Stella´s Christmas gift, because she is always happy and of good humor. It is a book with wonderful drawings of fishes in different states of hymor. We have it exposed in the book shelf as if it was a framed painting. I love it and Stella likes it very much as well. Her big sisters already did some drawings inspired in those colorful fish.

My favorite song at the moment is also HAPPY by Pharrell Williams, it puts you immediately in HAPPY mood. I share the video below with you. What a pity that he did not gain the Oscar…

Do you want more recommendations for beautiful coffee table books for kids – have a look here. 






Pharrell Williams: Happy


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