Breastfeeding and pregnancy: ingenious eco-products that really increase well-being of the mom or mom-to-be


Happily presenting boob, a Swedish Brand that makes life easier to us moms. They offer stylish and convertible clothes that accompany you from pregnancy to nursing (“before and after” shirts), using patented and practical details that help to breastfeed discretely. I am of the opinion that you should breastfeed wherever and that it is the most natural thing of the worls to feed your baby in public and I do so, but I understand that it is not every mom´s cup of tea… They have a collection of nursing accessories and practical nursing bras they call fast food, so cute! Everything is well-designed taking into account the needs of moms during this special time. The founder Mia Seipel is also quite a visionary as she increases sustainability of their products using eco-materials and producing mostly in Europe. Here you can find also some ideas to increase sustainability in your family life.



It really makes sense that a brand for mothers bringing up a new generation takes care of the future and the world our children are brought up in, but unfortunately it is not too normal. They use for example organis cotton (see my post), Lyoncell (a fiber based on eucalyptus leaves) and fleeces made of recycled PET bottles. They have Öko-Tex certification confirming that it is non-toxic.



I personally use their washable breast pads. I started using washable eco pads out of wool and silk I bought in Germany that were not very discrete, although they worked out fine and I have never had any problem of sore nipples or of any kind. Disposable nursing pads are not very recommendable to maintain healthy nipples and furthermore you create waste and it is more expensive. If you happen to have problems with sore nipples, you find here an ingenious natural remedy.



Later I discovered this Brand and bought the washable pads that I am using now. They are made of silk filled with organic cotton. They do not leak, are breathable, discrete, thin and comfortable. Sild had marvelous properties: prevent, relieve and cure sore and sensitive nipples and give you a fresh feeling.


I swear that it is a fantastic product!  


T-Shirt for pregnancy and nursing “before and after”



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