Did you know that breast milk is also a powerful natural remedy?

Breastfeeding is the best and most adequate food for your baby, this is well known and I do not want to explore this in my post.


This magic and appreciated nutrition can have a great variety of uses and it excellent to cure different ailments, because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. The antibodies that breast milk contain offer direct protection against infections. Got extra breast milk? It can moonlight as medicine for your baby!

When Stella was only some days old, she had an ugly conjunctivitis. I wanted to take her to our pediatrician, but at the end I could not go that particular day. I consulted a medicine book I have about first aid with focus on natural remedies (unfortunately in German) and was surprised to read that breast milk is a powerful natural remedy without any side effects. I did not hesitate a minute and every time I nursed her, I dropped some breast milk in her eyes. Wow, in less than a day the pink eye disappeared completely and without any chemical medicine involved! It´s a MAGIC POTION! You can also apply with a sterile gauze you wet with your milk and put it on the eye of your baby (or anybody), always rub delicately from the inner part of the eye to the outer part, not vice versa and use a new sterile gauze for each eye.

After this magic discovery, I investigated more and found out that it is an excellent natural remedy for many more ailments… during the next consultation with my pediatrician she confirmed it to me as well. I commented it with friends in Germany and nearly all of them knew some usage of breast milk as natural remedy from their midwives, but I have the feeling that here it is not well-known. That´s why I share with you!

What kind of other uses apart from curing conjunctivitis does breast milk have? It also works to get rid of nasal congestion. Pump a little bit of breast milk with a breast pump or your hand and put one or two drops of breast milk into each nostril with a sterile dropping glass. A friend of mine told me the “straw trick”, which works beautifully: put a straw 0,5 cm (0,2 inch) in a small container filled with your freshly expressed milk, put your finger on the little whole on the top of the straw and release to let the milk enter your baby´s nostril. The antibodies in the milk help your baby fight any infection is may have. By the way, I do not really know why, but nursing frequently also helps to lessen nasal congestion. During nursing you see how your baby gets relieved and has less mucus and breathes normally at the end of the feeding.

When your poor baby has diaper rash, you can apply a little bit of breast milk on the irritated area and let dry.

It works magically for sore nipples and it really helps to prevent them. After breastfeeding squeeze out a little bit of milk and apply on your nipples and let dry. It soothes and cures.

Mosquito bites: apply a little bit of milk with a cotton swab on the infected area. It helps to sooth the irritated area and prevents further inflammation.

Baby Acne: wash your baby´s face well with water and apply some breast milk on its face. Let it dry thoroughly.

Minor abrasions :dab it on scrapes instead of using an antibacterial cream.

Cuts and burns: Clean the affected area and dab on some breast milk with a sterile gauze and let dry. It even works for episiotomy cuts, if you had one practiced.

Eczema: use a cotton pad to blot dry spots with breast milk.

If you have pumped breast milk and do not want to feed it to your baby, because it was not properly refrigerated, or you have frozen milk in your freezer you do not want to use anymore for your baby, do not through it away! You can always use it as smoothing and soothing bath additive for your baby´s bath (or your own). The skin will be well nurtured, soft and moisturized afterwards. CARESS!

I personally used my breast milk for all those uses, except baby acne, because did not have any blemish at all. I swear it works wonders!

Thanks GOD, it is fashionable to breastfeed and many new moms decide in favor of the most natural and healthy way to feed their baby. Penelope Cruz even says that breastfeeding is addictive, she is so right!! Many moms keep on breastfeeding and expressing while working and even during business trips as I do. Look for great, eco-friendly products for nursing moms?

I am of the 25% that still keeps breastfeeding after a year! I encourage you a lot to try it and keep it as long as you like!!! Believe in the magic of nature and all its power!

GOT BREAST MILK! Spread the word, share it and empower all the mothers you know!


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