New York is GREEN! Eco, organic, recycling – more than only a trend in New York

Three weeks ago I was in New York. I love New York and have to go once a year to the most beautiful city in the world. Last year I passed out as Stella was born, but this year there was no excuse and we went to the Big Apple, only my husband and I…

Perhaps I had a distorted perception as I dedicate lots of time to the blog, but I had the impression that New York was GREEN! Really, I will show you. Most of the decoration of the display windows of the BIG BIG designer brands used natural material, like stones ( Donna Karan) or leaves ( Michael Kors) or photos or drawings of green nature: Hermès, etro, Tory Burch and Reed Krakoff‘s nature inspired pattern on his pret-a-porter line and his GORGEOUS handbags ( I have to buy one!). Giuseppe Zanotti recycled old pallets as shelves for his gorgeous shoes and accessories.

Green + ECO = CHIC!


We went to the Museum of Modern Art and watched the awesome video installation of Isaac Julien “Ten Thousand Waves”. He projects mostly nature shots and people in a designed way on several enormous screens.

We also had some green culinary experiences: we went to one of the greenest restaurants in the world, gustorganics. They use exclusively organic ingredients and the place is nicely decorated with an indoor vertical garden on the wall. Food and service were excellent, I can really recommend it. Another green place we visited was Treehaus, where you can have (green) smoothies, sandwiches, hot beverages, salads and other take-away food. We also had some smoothies at juice press with stores all over Manhattan and liked the modern look very much, apart from their delicious smoothies and juices.

I recommend another post of mine: Be more green! Please find here simple tips for a greener family lifestyle.

Recommendations for New York visitors FREE OF CHARGE, see end of the post.



Statue of Liberty, a green symbol of Nueva York


MOMA: Green work of art by Blinky Palermo



Green-New-York-Purl-Soho-babyecochicPurl SOHO


Recycling at Treehaus


Treehaus: cardboard containers for take-away

Treehaus: cardboard containers for take-away


Breakfast at Treehaus: This day we did not have a GREEN smoothie – delicious!


Treehaus: Food is the most primitive form of confort

Treehaus: Food is the most primitive form of confort

juice press: great smoothies and juices

juice press: great smoothies and juices

Great idea!

Great idea!



Staten Island Ferry: The best things in life are FREE!


Gustorganics, probably the greenest restaurant in the world!


Chrysler Building


GREEN and other colors at MOMA

I could not resist and put also some more photographs of colorful or black and white New York.


Guggenheim: Stunning Christopher Wool exhibition



Not only green: colorful Uniqlo

Vesuvio Bakery in Soho

Vesuvio Bakery in Soho



Lego store at Rockefeller Center


Brooklyn Bridge


View from Brooklyn Bridge


Recommendations for New York visitors FREE OF CHARGE:

The free trip with Staten Island Ferry for stunning looks at the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan, it belongs clearly to “The best things in life are FREE”. I also recommend strongly to organize a walk with a Big Apple Greater, a non- profit organization of locals that love their city and like to share their secret corners with visitors. You have to organize it some weeks in advance. I did it a couple of times and it was a very memorable experience, also comletely FREE of charge! Cross Broklyn Bridge walking is also always a great and FREE experience with stunning views.


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