New year´s resolution 2014: BE MORE GREEN!

Be more green means take care of the environment, reuse, recycle and reduce instead of buy new and save resources in general. I do not want to put an extensive list of habits to be more green, but some ideas to inspire you to include it in your new year´s resolution list 2014 and that we altogether put our little effort to take care of our planet earth.

- Do not staart the car minutes before leaving and switch it off when you have to park for some time.

- Separate your garbage and even better: try to avoid waste. Please have a look at my post about cloth diapers: they work great!

- Teach your kids early to save water: switch of the water when brushing teeth and the shower when soaping.

- Buy second hand clothes, have a look at my older post about my battles with Spanish flea markets.

- Use energy-saving LED lights – do not use compact fluorescent light bulbs as they contain mercury, a health risk for your family. 

- Decrease the target temperature of your heating system one degree or increase the target temperature of your air conditioning in summer to save energy. Switch off, when not needed.

- Use a metal water bottle to avoid plastic bottle waste as described in my post.

- Use local products (Be a locivore!) and products of the season as there is less waste of energy for transport.

- Use a lunch box instead of aluminum foil or plastic bags for snacks.

- Buy organic fruits and vegetables grown without chemical pesticides whenever possible. With this measure you take care of the environment and you provide healthy food for your family, see my post.

- In many occasions, the box is the best gift for your kid and it will play with it for hours. Kids do not need so many toys and very sophisticated toys with batteries etc. Copy Shakira and make your own recycled toys, have a look here!

- Buy once reusable plates and glasses you can use in all of your kid´s birthday parties. You can find great ones in Ikea, for example.

- Use natural fibers and organic textiles that take care of the environment. See my two post here and here.

- BREASTFEED your baby (have a look at all posts about breastfeeding). Apart from being the most precious moments together with your baby it creates a solid bond mother-baby. It is the best food you can provide to your baby and you avoid all the waste from containers of artificial milk powder. Do it like those celebrity moms and breastfeed!

- Recycle toys you do not use anymore. You can craft an artwork from old puzzles or make cool containers from old lego bricks.

The positive side effect of all those measures is that they also save quite a lot of money and at the same time you save the planet for the generations to come.

Green is a precious color as you can appreciate in the following photographs. Be inspired and put some measures in action for a GREENER 2014.

Like more GREEN? Have a look at my GREEN New York post: GREEN and ECO is trend in New York!



Shadows: Together we can make it!
South Africa Impressions


Part of the logo of Baby Eco chic: ant´s perspective of the forest
Pomegranates from our garden


Love the new model of the collection of Reed Krakoff: HOT green!!
Bugaboo by Missoni
Nobody is greener than KERMIT…

Greenish wood


Southafrica Impressions

Caipirinha brasileira

Design hotel in Turkey

Design hotel in Turkey 2

                                                                      Green mirrors

Farm life – being outside in nature

Green shadows
via Pinterest


Tour de France

Wood Wool Stool: green ambience Color – great book for kids, to buy here
Kris Atomic: Green Still Life
via Pinterest
Earth Shots
A Life lived well: Have a green heart!
Converse for babies
Pantone mug, green color 569,you can buy it here
Petit Eco Kids



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