Last minute gift ideas that do not cost a cent: Great campaign TIME rather than STUFF (Zeit statt Zeug)


I recently discovered this awesome campaign Zeit statt Zeug, which means Time rather than Stuff, a great idea by Michael Volker and his advertising agency Scholz & Volkmer,

I could not agree more, especially in these moments of rush! This is the time of rushing though the shops looking for gifts or spending hours in front of the computer looking for STUFF - Stuff that nearly nobody needs neither wants and often ends up rarely being used: sixth scarf, tenth perfume, second iPad, eighth soft toy… Our consumption determines the things that are produced and how they are produced. We are a throw-away society unfortunately.

Take into account that all this stuff consumes resources, energy and raw material and TIME. The real luxury of today is TIME. The campaign promotes to give time to your beloved ones. My motto is THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE  and I have written a couple of posts about this topic – think about it.

Some gift ideas I love from the campaign mixed with my own ideas:

Take the homemade trend to the heart and have a do-it-together session with someone you care about to decorate her or his home: Move furniture, paint walls, decorate pillowcases or wall art and RECYCLE– inspire and be inspired!!

Of course kids want STUFF – But kids need our time, attention and care and not more things – they normally already have loads of stuff. Be different!

A soccer game rather than a console: Organize a soccer game with your nephew with his mates and ice cream for everybody afterwards – it will be a long memorized afternoon.

Reading session with your favorite book from your childhood instead of giving a book

A visit to the zoo rather than a soft toy (alright, this idea costs money, but it is well invested)

Doing handicrafts together rather than ordering things

A puppet show rather than a toy

Afternoon of dressing up with some old clothes and play instead of buying a princess, spiderman or pirate costume

Recycle together old puzzles and create a beautiful piece of art instead of buying a poster

Creative Sunday afternoon handicrafting instead of going to a cinema

A chic homemade candlelight dinner with kids instead of going to an amusement park

A photo-session and hopefully a nice picture for the best Dad in the world instead of another tie

Take your nephews and nieces to a walk in the woods collecting pine cones and afterwards crafting with them and give a free day for mom instead of a perfume

Baking session of homemade cookies and wrap them nicely instead of a box of chocolate

What is your favorite idea????

Your beloved ones will be grateful and memorize your gift for a long time.



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