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This weekend we took a walk through the forest.
It was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and quite warm for late October. We collected many leaves and acorns for decoration and some DIY projects for our home and enjoyed NATURE.
We could only enjoy nature to a certain extent, because on the way we found some parts heavily littered, especially with plastic bottles and cans. Do you know how long it takes to degrade plastic PET bottles? It takes up to 1,000 years, if buried in the ground, a bit less, if not buried.
I will never understand how someone can throw trash somewhere in the forest, how can anyone be so inconsiderate. The girls were shocked by the lack of care for the environment and began to pick up trawastesh. Also found two plastic bags and filled them to the rim until the end of our walk.

This reminded me that we should try to consume less bottled water (or none), if possible.


My daughters use a metal bottles by Swiss brand SIGG, which I love. They have Hello Kitty designs (once they really liked the design, but fortunately they have grown out the ALL PINK phase, thank goodness …). The bottles are super-practical, you avoid waste and you also save quite a lot. Bottled water has not tested better than tap water in most test, anyway and restrictions for tap water are higher.
A very sustainable product that leaves you a clear conscience.

There are all kinds of designs and sizes.

Have some mini bottles of 0.3 liter, you can put a handle, ideal for your baby or toddler.


I love this design for a baby by German brand bellybutton:



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