HAPPY FALL season to you! My TO-DO list for autumn

Feliz-otoño-mi-lista-de-cosas-que-quiero-hacer-en-otoño-babyecochicToday is officially the first day of autumn! Happy Fall to all of you!! I adore this pretty season with its colorful leaves, trees full of fruit, harvest season, holidays like Halloween, St. Martin (I LOVE IT!!), Thanksgiving, etc. The other day I was thinking of a To-Do list for fall (I am continiously preparing all kinds of lists of things I plan to do…) and wanted to share it with you.


This year I want to:

- Cook a chestnut creamy soup (I was going to do it last year after trying it in a friend’s house, but I did not)

- Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins to eat and decorate

- Collect chestnuts, pines and acorns with the girls and make crafts with them like this super-cool snake

- Long bike rides with the family


- Knit a sleeveless vest for Stella (last year I made these very original scarves) – I already started to knit it …

- Finally it is cold enough to have lentil soup and other recipes with lentils and hot soups in general (during warm summer months gazpacho was the better choice)

- Do a walk in the woods and pick mushrooms or make some mushrooms cookies  like those ones I am crazy about. Yvonne´s blog Fräulein Klein is fabulous!

- Eat mushrooms

Feliz-otoño-mi-lista-de-cosas-que-quiero-hacer-en-otoño-babyecochic- Tea time with the girls with candlelight, for example sipping tea by my new favorite brand pukka I bought in my usual organic store; Vanilla Chai with lots of cardamon and Licorice & Cinnamon are our favorite flavors at the moment

- Light the fireplace again and lots of candles

- Movie night at home with popcorn made ​​in a pot

- Craft a lantern for St. Martin’s Day with the kids


- Make leaf crafts with girls like last year inspired by this wonderful artist with tons of creative ideas.

- Through leaves in a river and run after them during a whole afternoon and observe the beauty of the different forms and colors of leaves

- Make a rich orange and poppy pie from this book

What are your ideas and to dos for autumn??

Feliz-otoño-mi-lista-de-cosas-que-quiero-hacer-en-otoño-babyecochic Feliz-otoño-mi-lista-de-cosas-que-quiero-hacer-en-otoño-babyecochic Feliz-otoño-mi-lista-de-cosas-que-quiero-hacer-en-otoño-babyecochic







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