How to decorate EASTER EGGS and other ideas for Easter

If you want to color Easter eggs in an eco-friendly and non-toxic way and eat them afterwards, use natural colors like blueberry, onion, coffee, tea, turcmenic powder, beet root, red onion, chili, etc. . You only have to cook the eggs together with the natural dye and the result is colored hard-boiled Easter eggs.

If you want to hang empty eggs on a pretty branch, you have to remove the egg yolk and white without damaging the egg, look here how to do that. To clean the egg, put it in water with vinegar. After decorating the egg break a match in two pieces and tie a piece of yarn to the match and introduce in into the egg, so you can hang it.

What a great idea: use chalkboard paint to decorate your Easter eggs and paint it with chalk. If you want to get ideas how to decorate a room with chalkboard paint, look here.

I love carrot cake and this one decorated with real carrots is perfect for your Easter bruch. Look up my delicious carrot cake recepi here.

Colored Easter eggs…

… or decorated in black and white… What do you prefer?

Use decorative making tape (Washi tape) to decorate your Easter eggs. You can use masking tape to embellish your kid´s room and you can create play corners.


Great idea: eggs decorated with little animals made out of finger prints, like our Christmas card from last year with the finger prints of the whole family.


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