Each and every baby uses a total of 6.000 diapers in his life…

Wow, we just received the parcel I ordered from gNappies or gDiapers in the US. It is a hybrid system of cloth diaper inserts with very cute diapercovers that can also be used with disposable, biodegradable inserts.  If you use disposable inserts you throw them away, but have to wash the outside cover and the pouch where you put the insert inside. I will tell you about our experience, but I am really excited and the diapers look so cute. Have a look at the video to understand the concept better. It is very easy!
The concept sounds marvelous and I hope that they keep what they promise. Cloth diapers do not have an attractive image, but those ones look really nice and chic. If they even work well, then we all have to do a little effort and save all the waste from conventional highly-chemical diapers.
For newborns, there is a special pack, all mini size. Sounds as a great gift for an eco-friendly mom!


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