BACK to SCHOOL: decorate a kid´s room with VINTAGE school desks and blackboards

Thinking about what I could write about the topic “Back to school” it occurred to me to write this post about decorating with vintage desks and blackboards (for me THE symbol of school – unfortunately blackboards are used less and less).

I love the idea and am seriously thinking of buying a vintage desk though I do not really know where to put it – love it so much. They incorporate a piece of history: imagine all the children seated at it in the past. 

To mix furniture and decorative items with different styles and from different eras is something that I have always liked – have a look at my vintage rocking horse here. Awesome to put a vintage school desk in a modern kid´s room … It looks so chic!

Furthermore you recycle old objects and give them a new use.

I simply love blackboards and walls or furniture painted with chalkboard paint, as you can see in my post on decorating with blackboards and our blackboard door.

Hang a vintage chalkboard in your home – a beautiful and stylish idea.


Talking about “Back to school” and blackboards: I found this tutorial to make t-shirts with chalkboard paint for your kids. Great idea!

Wishing you and your children a happy “back to school” season! Looking forward to it already…


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