I LOVE YOGA! Try it for FREE: Yoga online in MyYogaonline.com – you will feel GREAT before, during and after pregnancy


I love yoga and pilates. I have been doing it for many years and  I am completely hooked. If I do not practice at least twice a week I do not feel well. A very good way to practice (especially if you already have some practice) is to subscribe to online yoga: video classes of all levels and styles by prestigious teachers. You can do it at home (in hotels or whereever) whenever you want and have time and you do not waste time to go to a studio. I started years ago with online classes with a German website (YogaEasy) that offer this service and the US website MyYogaonline. You have a huge choice of online classes for all levels and lots of information regarding yoga, pilates, wellness, wellbeing etc. I started to write articles for them as well!

I have a gift for you: if you want to try two weeks of free yoga, sign up here and you will have access to all the videos for free! Try it, you will love it!

I did yoga with MyYogaonline almost every day and until the end when I was pregnant with Stella (at least a few minutes a day) and I felt great: no back pain, no trouble to sleep or any discomfort. I especially loved all videos by Desi Bartlett, Ariel Pavic and Mara Branscombe. AWESOME!

The pregnancy with the twins was different, because I was advised not to exercise and I felt much worse compared to the other pregnancy. We also do yoga with the girls occasionally and they like it a lot. I have a DVD of yoga for children which is great or we just do some asanas together. Check out the yoga for kids videos in MyYogaonline. Your kids will love it.

All you need is a good non-slip yoga mat. This is a small investment, but worth it and you can use it for any floor exercise or stretching. You better buy a good mat by a brand specialized in yoga which is made without toxic substances, like phthalates. It should not slip on the floor and you have to be able to maintain your position without slipping. I have a mat by the brand Prana and a travel yoga mat by Gaiam, which is like a towel with rubber on one side. The two work great.


Doing yoga with the girls: the tree or Vrikshasana.


I loved this Kali asana during pregnancy, apparently it is one of the best asanas to practice during pregnancy and even during labour. Here I was five-months pregnant: after hiking in the mountains.


Another day in the mountains practicing Vrikshasana behind the curtain of a waterfall when I was five-months pregnant.


After giving birth (Stella was five months old): I love inverted positions like Shirshasana.






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  • Gebkea Nieter April 25, 2014, 7:11 am

    What a great idea! I also practiced yoga until the birth of our daughter and we both loved it much. The consequence – I was really fit in the whole pregancy.

    Greetings from hanover


    • babyecochic April 27, 2014, 9:15 pm

      Hallo Gebkea, lieben Gruss zurück! Ciao, miriam

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