TWINS: LOVE squared – Cute and CHIC hairstyles for girls: BRAIDS

Last weekend I took some time to style the twins and braid their hair. Great plan: Beauty parlor styling session with the girls… They were very happy with the outcome. Have a look at the photos with the hair-dos. Lately they always prefer to leave the hair the natural way (which I do not like at all: hair in their eyes, hair on the plate, hair everywhere…).

They used to have braids in different styles and ponytails and they usually have a different hairstyle to tell them better apart (especially in school), but last weekend they both wanted to have the same braids… what a surprise….

 If you want to see more of our twins photos, look here. I post every friday a photograph of our twins.


girls-hair-babyecochic girls-hair-babyecochic girls-hair-babyecochic girls-hair-babyecochic


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