Ingenious ideas for ECO-gifts for Father´s DAY: home-made (includes TUTORIAL!) or to buy for the BEST DAD of the world

March, 19th is Father’s Day , but only in these countries: Andorra, Belgium, Bolivia, Honduras, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Portugal and Spain. In Germany itis Ascuncion day, which falls on May, 29th this year and in most countries it is the third Sunday in June, this year it will be June, 15th. It is funny…
This year we want to give a gift, which is CHIC, ingenious, personal and ECO – logical…
I took this photograph of the girl´s shadows with a message as birthday gift, but it is a great gift for Father’s Day as well! Just write a message on a piece of cardboard and cut it with a cutter and take a picture of the shadows of your children in midday sun. Here are the shadows of our three beautiful girls… 

To the best dad in the WORLD! We love you, Dad!!

P1110125 - Versión 2

MAKINF OF:photo-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochic
We needed a bit of patience during the photo shoot… The little one always wanted to escape…  She has her foot in the air in the final photograph also due to her intents to escape, but it looks great like this.

I found these natural, painted eggs with a message inside in etsy. The shop is called LittleOkins. I love the idea:  it is very economical and the result looks very elegant. It is very easy to make it. Just prick two holes in the egg (a very small one on the upper side and a slightly bigger hole on the opposite side and blow into the small hole until all the egg white and yolk have left the eggshell. Paint the egg with spray paint, write a message on a small piece of paper, roll it and introduce it into the eggshell. Then put the embellished egg that hides the message inside in a cute little box and ready! Great gift idea for Father’s Day or any occasion: anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding proposal, birth of a baby etc.



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A soccer table play made of cardboard is a great gift idea for Father´s Day: very ECO-logical and ECO-nomical! It is made by the German brand Kartoni and it is a fantastic gift idea for a birthday as well – for a little of big socker fan. It costs 69 EUR. Fold it when you do not want to play any longer and store it until the next game.

Kartoni-Carboard-Foosball-Table-Pappkicker-detail-babyecochic von oben-Kartoni-Carboard-Foosball-Table-Pappkicker-babyecochic Kartoni-Carboard-Foosball-Table-Pappkicker-babyecochic


Want to make a cool gift or greeting card for Daddy? I propose to fold this cute Origami shirt and color and decorate it together with your kids. You can make it with colored paper or a paper with patterns or you just you plain white paper like we did and color and decorate it afterwards. Inside you can glue a colored paper and write your best Father ‘s Day greeting. Please have a look at the pictures and instructions of the tutorial, it’s super easy!





TUTORIAL for an Origami shirt card for Father´s day:

Throughout the craft, it’s important to create crisp folds.

Create vertical folds: If using decorative paper, turn the paper over so the right side is facing down. Fold the paper in half.origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicLay the paper flat and fold each side up into the center fold. Open up paper and lay it flat.origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicFold bottom corners: Take the bottom left-hand corner and fold it in to the first fold line. Repeat on the other side.origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicClose the folds back up so the outside sides align with the center fold.origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicCreate sleeves: Take the bottom side of the paper and fold it up just beyond the upside-down V. Make a nice, crisp fold.origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicOpen bottom fold out again. Where the paper joins in the middle of the center V, take the inside point and fold it out to the left and right side edge of paper. Note: the paper will come up slightly on the bottom.origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochic origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicFlip the paper craft over. origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicCreate the collar: Go to the top. Fold the top portion over about 1/2-inch so there is a crease at the top.origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochic origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicFlip the paper over so the top crease is to the back. Bring the top left corner to the center fold so that it creates a triangle shape, which will be the collar. Repeat on the right side. Make sure folds are sharp.origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicComplete the shirt: Bring the bottom end up and tuck it underneath the top flaps (the shirt collar). Now you have your basic shirt shape!origami-shirt-tutorial-fathers-day-gifts-babyecochicYour basic Origami shirt card is ready, now you can decorate it or add a personal message. To add a personal message inside the card, cut out a piece of cardstock that can fit inside the card. Secure it to shirt with glue and write dad a note. Accessorize the Origami shirt. Add embellishments to the outside of the shirt: color as you wish and consider to include a tie, label, pocket, bowtie, or buttons.


I hope you like the ideas for Father´s Day!

How do you celebrate Father´s Day? Did you craft a special gift for dad?



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