HAPPY Hearts: OrganicZoo sweater and HANDMADE legging stamped with a potato


OrganicZoo is a British fashion brand for babies. I already wrote about their cute, minimalistic designs in another post. Paulina, the founder, send me a sweatshirt to try it out. The organic cotton according to GOTS standard is incredibly soft and the colorful bottom detail is very cute. You can buy the beautiful sweater and much more in the new online shop of Organic Zoo.

To complement the Happy Heart Sweater, I stamped a white organic cotton legging I bought with hearts. It is very easy! You find the tutorial further down.

organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmadeorganic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade

Here is how you stamp the leggings: You need textile colors, a brush, a knife, cookie cutters and POTATOES! YES, you read correctly, potatoes make perfect stamps. they are easy to mold and not too hard neither too soft. This is how you do it:

1. Cut the washed potato in half. It needs to be a clear cut thus you have a regular surface of the stamp-

2. Press the cookie cutter with the shape of your choice into the potato (at least one cm deep).

3. Leave the cookie cutter inside the potato and cut around with the knife.

4. Take out the cookie cutter and you have an ideal stamp.

organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade

5. Paint the stamp with a brush with liquid textile color and print the fabric with the design you like.

6. Follow instructions of the textile paint how to fix the color (normally you have to iron it).

I started stamping only little black hearts, but then I found it very boring and I started stamping some red hearts as well. Finally I also stamped some big, red hearts, you can see the result in the pictures we took with Stella.

Potato stamping of textiles is a perfect activity for children ages 5 and up. We stamped cushion covers during Maya and Zoe´s birthday party and it was a great success. I will write about it soon.

You can draw free forms on the potato and cut the stamp with a knife instead of the cookie cutter or directly cut simple shapes like triangles, half moons, etc. Be creative!

 organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade organic-zoo-stamped-kids-legging-handmade


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  • Paulina May 28, 2014, 7:27 am

    The heart leggings are such a creative idea! A great inspiration for all mums:)

    • babyecochic May 28, 2014, 11:05 pm

      Thanks so much, Paulina!

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