SKIING: Family activity in the MOUNTAINS

This week we are with the whole family in the mountains enjoying snow and spring time in these beautiful surroundings. Skiing is a fantastic family activity to spend time together and enjoy yourselves. All (nearly all as our toddler waits for us at home, but soon she will be joining us) can perform the activity together, being outdoors, doing sports and enjoy happy moments together. We laugh when we fall (as long as it is not serious, obviously) and go on skiing.

Weather is great and as the snow becomes difficult to ski at midday, we go back home to have lunch together with our little one and enjoy the afternoon hiking in the precious spring scenery.


The four of us, the little one is still missing. There is one spare seat waiting for her…


The girls and their friends made this snow man recycling forks and a paper cup. CUTE!


Our skiing and after-skiing boots…

Spring time in the mountains. In the afternoons we hike in this beautiful landscape, all in full flower.valle-del-tena-babyecochic-5 valle-del-tena-babyecochic-4 valle-del-tena-babyecochic-3 valle-del-tena-babyecochic-2 valle-del-tena-babyecochic-1


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