About me

This blog is for moms, dads, future parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and anybody interested in baby and kids stuff.

My name is Miriam, I am German, but have been living many years in Spain – ALTHOUGH i AM STILL QUITE German. I am the mother of three precious girls: 7-year-old-twins and a baby girl that just turne done year.


This summer in the mountains.

The idea to have a blog developed, …

… because I love to share my ideas and findings that are not so common in Spain. I love and live an eco-friendly lifestyle, but I like that things are CHIC, practical and ingenious. Since I was a teenager, I have been collecting information I liked: articles, magazine clips, brochures about design, DIY, handicraft, travelling, nutrition, fitness, fashion, gift ideas, etc. When the twins were born I focused more on baby and kids´ stuff and I also transformed my lifestyle (even better the lifestyle of our family) to a more earth-friendly and healthy one. Obviously your priorities shifted with the kids, but still we love design and travelling and try to combine everything as far as we can.
I changed from the paper files I used to have (and still have) to digital files and I would like to share baby and kids stuff I found with you. Attractive AND healthy products, the more sustainable, the better. I would also like to share information with you about this precious and special time in life, things that enrich life and call attention, furthermore articles or videos that wake up our consciousness.
I do not like to consume for the purpose of consuming and many products for babies are not necessary, superfluous and even dangerous. Yes, although some products are developed for babies, they are not recommendable. I love sustainable products with a long life of usage and perhaps even convertible adapting to the family needs.

I want to inspire you to be demanding when you chose products for your baby and chose them with knowledge and in general give you ideas for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle of your family.

Me gusta:

Yoga and pilates
Art and handicraft

I do not like:

Consuming just because
Pesticides and toxics in general
Plastic toys
Made in China


I am happy that you found my blog and naturally it is a joy to get your comments, opinions and ideas! You can write to me directly to miriam@babyecochic.com or via the MAIL-section. Hear from you soon, hopefully!