November 2014


Every Sunday of the four Sundays before Christmas, a candle is lit until all four candles are burning. It is a beautiful tradition. I would like to present my choice of simple advent wreaths, that are modern and even minimalist, some of them made from recycled material – love them all. Another day I will [...]


Verena Wondrak, mother of little Matilda, is the founder of Hilda.Henri, a label for cutting edge children`s couture with traditional roots based in Vienna. Hilda.Henri is dedicated to sustainable children`s couture for children of 2 to 16 years made from boiled wool. the Alpine farming fabric we know so well from the traditional Alpine costumes. Verena has [...]


As I told you last year Advent is celebrated in Northern Europe with calendars that sweeten the time until Christmas Eve. This year I am a little late, but I will try to take advantage of the weekend to create a calendar for the girls, as I did last year and the other years. You [...]

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Wool is COOL! I always have loved natural material and wool (and knitting), but I am only aware since the birth of Stella that wool amd especially merino wool is an ideal material for babies and kids. I am really in love with wool clothes for kids. it is so worthwhile to spend some more [...]