March 2014


March, 19th is Father's Day , but only in these countries: Andorra, Belgium, Bolivia, Honduras, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Portugal and Spain. In Germany itis Ascuncion day, which falls on May, 29th this year and in most countries it is the third Sunday in June, this year it will be June, 15th. It is funny... This year [...]


HABA, a brand specialized in inventing fun toys


A brand of toys that I really like is German brand HABA.  I recommended in another post their "guardian angels", dolls which make a great gift for a newborn baby. HABA produces all kinds of toys for kids of all ages, from baby rattles to toys to play outside, furniture and dolls. Most of the toys of [...]


TWINS: LOVE squared – Play


How did we play when we were little? The variety of toys did not exist neither all those different types of screens and we did not miss a thing. I could pass hours climbing trees, making crowns out of the flowers I picked and searching for clovers with four leaves. All children love normally to [...]


I bought some beautiful wool in Purl Soho when I was in New York and made two scarfs according to the tutorial in their blog Purl Bee: color tipped scarf . Here you can go directly to the videos that show how to increase o decrease to make the tips of the scarf - it is very easy. Do you like the scarfs? First [...]


Happy by Mies van Hout is a real work of art. It was Stella´s Christmas gift, because she is always happy and of good humor. It is a book with wonderful drawings of fishes in different states of hymor. We have it exposed in the book shelf as if it was a framed painting. I [...]